ADCA (Advance Diploma In Computer Application)

   Fundamental Of Computer

  • Computer Basics:  Introduction, Characteristics of a Computer, Criteria for Using Computers, History of Computers, Generations of Computer, Classification of Computers, Applications of Computer, Basic Components of PC, Computer Architecture
  • Number Systems: Introduction, Classification of Number System, Types of Number System, Conversions from One Base to Another, Conversion Using Shortcut Method
  • Hardware and Software: Introduction, Computer Memory, Secondary Memory, Computer Peripherals, Output Devices, Software requirements


  • Introduction
  • Use of Toolbox
  • How to Control Over Mouse
  • How to Draw Lines and Shapes
  • How to Design Logo


  • Introduction
  • Uses of All Menu and Submenus
  • Thumb Rules For Typing
  • Basic Uses of Notepad in Html or Other Languages


  • Introduction
  • Use of All Menus and Submenus
  • Text Decorating


  • Introduction, Windows 2007 Interface, Customizing the Word Application, Document Views, Basic Formatting in MS Word 2007, Advanced Formatting, Navigating through a Word Document, Performing a Mail Merge, A Quick Look at Macros, Printing Documents, Print Preview

   Ms. Excel

  • Introduction, Workbook, Worksheet, Formatting in excel, Advanced formatting in Excel, Working with formulas, Printing worksheets

   Ms. Powerpoint

  • Introduction, Creating a Presentation, Basic Formatting in Powerpoint, Advanced Formatting, Using Templates, Inserting Charts, Inserting Tables, Printing Presentations

   Ms. Access

  • Access Basics
  • Design Database
  • Build a Database
  • Work With Forms
  • Sort, Retrieve, Analyze Data
  • Work With Reports
  • Access With Other Application
  • Manage an Access Database


  • Image and Video Editing
  • Graphics and Logo Designing
  • Uploading and Downloading of Media


  • Social Media, Gmail, Browsing,
  • E-Ticket Reservation
  • Adhaar Card Downloading


  • Basics of Accounting, Fundamental Of Tally Erp 9, Accounting in Tally ERP 9, Inventory, Vouchers Entry, Advance Accounting, Value Added Tax (VAT), Crntral Sales Tax (CST), Point Of Sale (PoS), Job Costing, Multilingual Capability, Technological Advantage of Tally, Application Management, Service Tax,

     Advance Excel

  • Introduction to Excel,
  • Basic Functions
  • Excel Functions/Formulas
  • Lookup Functions
  • Logical & Mathematical Functions
  • Formula
  • Description of Excel Menu
  • Using Pivot Table
  • Advance Options
  • Chart & Designs & Dashboard
  • Printing Techniques
  • Excel Macro
  • Advance Excel

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