Advance Ecxel


An Overview of Excel Screen, Basic Concept of Spreadsheet and Workbook

Excel Terminology – Rows, Column and Cell, Difference between Excel 2003, 2007 And 2010, its Boundaries & Features,   Simple Data Entry – Number, Text, Date, Selecting Range, Cut, Copy, Paste, Format Painter and Move Data. Saving Excel   Format.


Basic Formula Like Add, Subtract, Multiplication, Divide. Sum and Count Function. Auto Sum, Formatting a Cell- Number,   Text,  %, Date and Custom Format. Font , Borders, Fill Colors And Patterns,  Conditional Formatting, Format A Table, Cell   Style

Sum, Count, Counta, Countifs, Subtotal, Average, Ceiling, Floor, Round, Roundup, Rounddown, Chart, Text, Clean, Trim,   Concatenate, Substitute, Hour, Date, Value, Day, Month, Year, Day, Today. Exact, Forecast, Getpivotdata, Sumproduct,   Frequency, Rank, Rand, Randbetween. Transpose, Match, Upper, Lower, Proper, Left, Right, Mid, Row, Column, Combin.


Lookup, V-Lookup, H-Lookup, Match, Index, Usage Of Match Function In Vlookup, Hlookup  And Index


If, Sumif, Sumifs, Countifs, Nested If (Usage of More Than 1 If Condition Within 1 Formula

Iferror, Iserror, Isna, And, Or, False, Not, True, Ceiling, Even, Int, Lcm, Power, Odd, Sumif, Sumproduct, Seriessum

 Description Of Excel Menu

Paste Special, Paste Formula, Paste Format, Skip Blank and Other Paste Special Option, Find, Replace and Merge & Center   Option, Copying/ Moving/ Renaming, Inserting/ Deleting/ Grouping / Hiding & Un-hiding Worksheets

Hiding and Displaying Data, Rows, Columns, Worksheet & Workbooks


Preparing Pivot Table, Using Pivot Table Wizard, Arranging Data, Various Options in Pivot Table, Effective and Attractive   Summarized Presentation of Data Using Pivot Tables, Modifying a Pivot Table, Pivot Table Option


Advance Filter and Sorting Option in Excel, Filtering and Sorting By Color. Various Option of Text to Column, Remove   Duplicate  Record, Data Validation, Freezing Pane, Protecting and Sharing a Worksheet/Workbook, Hyperlink

 CHART & DESIGNS & Dashboard

Preparing Charts Using Excel – Column Cart, Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Bubble Chart, Area of Chart, Editing Chart   Contents, Formatting and Modifying Chart, Adding Data to a Chart


Print Preview, Print Setup, Page Layout, Page-break & Normal View, Headers & Footer, Print Title


Introduction to Macro and VBA Editor, Usage of Macro, Recording and Saving a Macro

Running Macro in Different Worksheets


 Advance Excel, & MIS


Advance Pivot Table, V-Lookup, H-Lookup Reverse Lookup 2D Lookup, 3D Lookup, Picture Lookup, Advance use of if/Nested   if, Advance Chart, Calendar Creation, Dash Board, Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, N, Data Validation, Sheet Protection,   ABS Consolidate, MIS Reports, Speedometer Creation, What if Analysis, Conditional formatting, conditional formula, Use of   index, Match, Choose, Indirect, Offset, Cell Formatting, Paste Special, Excel Option, 100 of other formulas….






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