CCA (Certificate In Computer Application)

   Fundamental Of Computer

  • Computer Basics:       Introduction, Characteristics of a Computer, Criteria for Using Computers,   History of Computers, Generations of Computer, Classification of Computers, Applications of Computer, Basic Components of PC, Computer Architecture
  • Number Systems: Introduction, Classification of Number System, Types of Number System, Conversions from One Base to Another, Conversion using Shortcut Method
  • Hardware and Software: Introduction, Computer Memory, Secondary Memory, Computer Peripherals, Output Devices, Software requirements


  • Introduction
  • Use of toolbox
  • How to control over Mouse
  • How to draw lines and shapes
  • How to design logo


  • Introduction
  • Uses of all menu and submenus
  • Thumb rules for typing
  • Basic uses of notepad in html or other languages


  • Introduction
  • Use Of all menus and submenus
  • Text decorating

   Ms. Word

  • Introduction, Windows 2007 Interface, Customizing the Word Application, Document Views, Basic Formatting in MS Word 2007, Advanced Formatting, Navigating through a Word Document, Performing a Mail Merge, A Quick Look at Macros, Printing Documents, Print Preview


  • Introduction, Workbook, Worksheet, Formatting in excel, Advanced formatting in Excel, Working with formulas, Printing worksheets


  • Introduction, Creating a Presentation, Basic Formatting in PowerPoint, Advanced Formatting,   Using Templates, Inserting charts, Inserting tables, Printing presentations

   Ms. Access

  • Access Basics
  • Design Database
  • Build a Database
  • Work with forms
  • Sort, Retrieve, Analyze Data
  • Work with reports
  • Access with other application
  • Manage an access Database


  • Image and Video editing
  • Graphics and logo designing
  • Uploading and downloading of media


  • Social Media
  • Gmail
  • Browsing
  • E-Ticket Reservation
  • Adhaar Card Downloading


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